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Podcasts With The Pro’s | The Vendée Globe Skippers

by Ingrid Hale
Apivia Podcast with Pro's

In a two-part podcast, Shirley Robinson chats to Vendée Globe skippers Samantha Davies, Alex Thomson, Charlie Dalin, Clarisse Cremer and Boris Herrmann.

As the start date of 8th November nears, the skippers share their fears, their personal goals and just how long they  have chased success in the Vendée Globe Race.

“I’ve been consumed by this race for 20 years.”  – Alex Thomson, HUGO BOSS

Shirley also delves into the design game with Juan Kouyoumdjian. The IMOCA boats are incredibly fast. The boats and the skippers will be pushed to do speeds previously thought impossible on a sailing boat. Just how far can these boats – and their skippers – be pushed?

Find Shirley’s podcasts here.

The coverage of this years Vendée Globe Race is set to be ground breaking with access to the skippers and boats 24 hours a day. With this in mind, Alex Thomson Racing has established The Hub, a dedicated HUGO BOSS portal for race videos, boat and race stats, live interviews and pictures etc. You can even see Alex’s heart rate on The Hub!

Read and hear more below.

Samantha Davies and offshore racing.

Alex Thomson Racing.


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