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Mike Horn’s Expeditions | Join the Virtual Conferences

by Ingrid Hale
Mike Horn

Explorer and adventurer, Mike Horn is no stranger to taking on expeditions to raise awareness. But what is the back story to these expeditions? Mike will be offering a series of three virtual conferences covering three expeditions that he has rarely spoken about publicly.

Sharing the lessons he’s learnt

Following the cancellation of physical conferences as a result of Covid-19, Mike’s wish is to share some of his most epic and untold stories. At a time when uncertainty is omnipresent and challenges make up our daily lives, Mike’s experiences in the wilderness, and the lessons he drew from them, can provide inspiration and motivation, or  entertainment, to those in search for a change of scenery.

For example, did you know that Mike developed a passion for high altitude climbing? Or that he dedicated 4 years to youth, environmental education? Which expedition launched Mike’s career as a professional explorer?

If you’re curious to find out more about this incredible explorer, join Mike’s first ever virtual conference tour.

Sign up for all three events or simply pick the one(s) that most interest(s) you. All talks will be in English and French.

Exploration is not only about climbing mountains or crossing the jungle. It becomes really interesting when you discover the obstacles you have inside yourself.”


Mike Horn conferences

A Dakar journey for Mike

It’s not just on the water that Mike is active, promoting a message of sustainability.

He competed in the Dakar rally along with Cyril Despres in a traditional diesel-powered car,  a project named       Gen – Z. The purpose was to gain data for the French Alternate Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, which plans to produce the prototype that will run on an electric motor powered by a hydrogen cell in the 2023 Dakar.

Mike was pleased to be able to use this experience to collect data for research for future generations.

Mike and Cryil finished 10th in the car rankings riding for Abu Dhabi Racing.

Watch the recap of his Dakar below.


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