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The Vendée Arctique Race 2022 | NOR

by Ingrid Hale
Vendee Arctique

The Notice of Race (NOR) and the course for the Vendée Arctique Race 2022 have been announced. The Vendée Arctique will be the first qualifying race for the Vendée Globe 2024. The fleet will leave from Port Olona on June 12, 2022.

Entry registrations open on Thursday, March 31, 2022.

A pure tradition

The Vendée Arctique is a non-stop solo offshore race with no outside assistance allowed. This follows in the pure tradition of the Vendée Globe Race. Now approaching its second edition, the Vendée Arctique is a very unique and demanding event, an extreme adventure very much in keeping with the ethos of the Vendée Globe and the IMOCA class. The solo racers set off northwards in the direction of the Arctic Circle, circumnavigating Iceland, before returning to Les Sables d’Olonne, a demanding 3,500-mile course.

Vendee Arctique Route

The primary duty of the organisors, SAEM Vendée, is to ensure the safety of sailors, to provide fair racing and to optimise conditions so that as many starters can finish the race. This race will allow them to advance their knowledge, experience and their qualification requirements for the 2024 .

The qualifying rules

To ensure the skippers are best prepared to face the hostile, icy northern waters, the race directors, led by Francis Le Goff, have defined the rules for participation in the Vendée Arctique – Les Sables d’Olonne.

Each skipper must qualify solo on the boat that they will race on in the Vendée Arctique Race. They need to finish before May 14, 2022. They can choose between the following races:

The Guyader – Bermuda 1000 Race (1,200 nautical miles)

A qualification course of at least 800 nautical miles

Two qualifying courses, the sum of which will be greater than 1,000 nautical miles

In the event that the skipper elects to do a qualifying course rather than the race, at least one of the two must enable them to sail at least 100 miles in wind and sea conditions of at least force 5 on the Beaufort scale.

Notice of Race available for download

An impressive entry list

The race is clearly appealing for sailors in the IMOCA class who are looking for new adventures, but more particularly for building precious, qualifying, nautical miles to ensure their selection in the Vendée Globe 2024.

Many skippers have already announced their objective to participate in the Vendée Arctique, well in advance of the official opening of registrations on March 31st.

Among those pencilled in as entrants are Fabrice Amedeo, Romain Attanasio, Eric Bellion, Clarisse Cremer, Charlie Dalin, Benjamin Dutreux , Benjamin Ferré, Pip Hare, Sébastien Marsset, Thomas Ruyant, Kojiro Shiraishi, Guirrec Soudée, Nicolas Troussel and Denis Van Weynbergh.

Key dates

March 30, 2022: Opening of registrations

May 14, 2022: Closing of registrations

May 19, 2022: Press conference to announce the stage (la Roche-sur-Yon)

June 3, 2022: Parade of Vendée Globe 2020 skippers

June 4, 2022:

– Opening of the Arctic Vendée village

– Speed runs in the Baie des Sables

– Presentation of the skippers on the village stage

June 12, 2022: Start of the Vendée Arctique

June 26, 2022: Prize Giving Ceremony

Recap the Vendée Globe Race 2020 here


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