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Watch: Brilliant Corners | Searching for Surf in Madagascar

by Ingrid Hale
Brilliant corners madagascar

Brilliant Corners is a visually stunning adventure series of former longboard champion, Sam Bleakley. Travelling the world with his longboard in tow, Sam uses surfing to explore the brilliant corners of the world highlighting often never before seen coastlines and communities that live at the intersection of travel, culture, food, and surf.

In this series Sam takes us to Madagascar. His journey begins in the busy streets of Antananarivo, the nation’s capital. He’s soon joined by travel companions James Parry and Mike Lay from his home in Cornwall, UK.

The three set out on a 900-kilometre road trip exploring the vast country on their way to discover the swell on the island. Presented By Hydro Flask.

The team then checks into Anakao, a remote fishing village along the southwest corner of Madagascar. With some of the best waves on the island, just a short boat ride away the crew learn about the long history of wave riding on planks of wood in this region. A local boatbuilder hand carves a surfboard made of balsa wood so Sam can take it out for a test ride with the locals.

In the final chapter of Brilliant Corners – Madagascar, the crew must face their fears of the sharp coral reef in order to surf the swell of the trip. Sam discovers firsthand how surf tourism in remote areas can support local education. In order to give a proper goodbye to new friends, Sam, Mike and James experience a lively Malagasy dance party before travelling back to Antananarivo through the stunning landscape of Madagascar.

Watch all three episodes from Madagascar here

[Watch: Brilliant Corners Madagascar ]

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