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Watch: Waterman Keahi de Aboitiz

by Ingrid Hale
Keahi de Aboitiz
Keahi de Aboitiz grew up around the legendary surf spots of Noosa on Australia’s Gold Coast, and now splits his time between Noosa and the North Shore of Oahu.
For Keahi, kitesurfing has become an extension of surfing and a way to spend as much time in the ocean as possible. It’s a tool that turns windy sessions into a whole new world of fun. It’s an obsessive addiction that has led him to drop everything when a forecasted big swell appears on the horizon.
Whether to surf, kite-surf or SUP, this beautifully filmed movie will make you want to get in the water right now!
“Tunnel Vision is an action-heavy film that highlights my love for barrels and shows the similarities between sports that I have grown to love”, says Keahi
His record is impressive across many disciplines. 


2x Australian National Kiteboarding Freestyle Champion
2x Australian National Kitesurfing Champion
2011 PKRA Wave Champion
2012 KSP Kitesurfing World Champion
2013 KSP Kitesurfing World Champion
2014 PKRA Kitesurfing World Champion
2015 PKRA Kitesurfing World Champion


4th place 2014 SUWT Hawaii Sunset Beach pro
2nd place  2014 SUWT Brazil


2016 Wave of the Winter top 10 nominee

A Cabrinha Films production by Anders Krüger, in association with Patagonia.
Produced by Keahi de Aboitiz & James Boulding
Additional Filming: Jesse little, Phil Sobolev, Owen Milne, Jake Stone, Jacob Laham, Spencer Frost, Shane Grace, Thomas crews, Mickey Bernardoni, Dan O Sullivan, Taylor Curran, Aidan Gunn, Diogo D’orey, Bernt Bruns, Josh rowe, Ritxi Goya, Javi Goya, Nate Fisher, Dylan Roberts, Damea Dorsey, Jon Aspuru, Moona Whyte, James Boulding
Music: The Walking Who


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