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Watch: | Big Wave Surfer Matt Bromley’s ‘Over the Edge’

by Ingrid Hale
Matt Bromley - Over the edge
Big Wave surfer Matt Bromley’s latest documentary, Over The Edge, traces his journey through the classic big wave breaks Jaws, Teahupo’o, Mavericks, Nias, Mullaghmore, and Dungeons.
He relays what the “flapping of the butterfly wings” feels like, and the rewards of committing to the drop.
To watch it, subscribe to the Echoboom Sports channel on Amazon, Struum, Xfinity X1, Sling, or COX.
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Learn about the history of big wave surfing in SA and how Matt got his start on big waves like Dungeons, which he says prepared him for the biggest wave rides in the world,


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