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The Debrief: 6 Eco-Warrior Brands We Love

by Ingrid Hale
6 eco brands

Plastic-free July may have come and gone, but we are all for highlighting the amazing work of companies doing their bit to reduce their impact by reusing and up-cycling materials into beautiful and fashionable products. These are our favourite Eco-Warrior Brands. 

Ashley Heather Jewellery – from electronics to jewellery

It takes 245kg of fossil fuels, 22kgs of chemicals, and 1500 litres of water to manufacture one desktop computer. Ultimately 80-85% of all electronic products are discarded in landfills or incinerators releasing toxins into the air and soil. Circuit boards rely on silver and gold for their excellent electrical conductivity. In the United States alone cell phones containing $60 million of gold and silver are dumped every year.

Ashley Heather’s refining process begins with manually dismantling the waste electronic products. All the components are then sent their separate ways for recycling. The circuit boards are run through a shredder before being fed into the furnace. All the metals are collected as a sludge. The precious metals are separated and purified before being melted again in the final stage to ensure pure, high-quality material.

The recycled metals start their new life in their Cape Town studio with using traditional gold-smithing techniques they are meticulously handcrafted into minimalist, easy-wearing jewellery.

Ullman Sails Gear – up-cycling sails 

Ullman Sails Gear is a sister company of Ullman Sails, the international brand founded in 1967 in Newport Beach, California by sailing icon, David Ullman.

Part of their Eco-Warrior mission is to collect waste from the sail manufacturing process worldwide and craft it into up-cycled quality products that will last a lifetime. For this reason, their upcycled and handmade baggage products come with a lifetime guarantee. Send it back when it is broken or worn out and they’ll repair it or replace it at no cost. Just don’t throw it away.

The Outpost Lodge South Africa – eco-hotel 

The Outpost Lodge accommodates 24 guests in 12 open plan, en-suite luxury spaces cantilevered on a hill overlooking the Luvuvhu River, on the edge of Kruger National Park.

The construction and operation of The Outpost Lodge is based on the principle that they wanted to make as little impact on the landscape and environment as possible, which they consider an ever-evolving process that grows more efficient with new technologies and practices each year.

We Are Travel Girls contributor, Sarah Bryant stayed at The Outpost Lodge recently and said

“It was evident from my stay here that they have a strong environmental awareness and their attitude towards protecting Kruger National Park is commendable.”

20 Of The World's Best Luxury Eco HotelsPanerai – sustainable timepieces  

The Mike Horn Special Edition has been talked about a lot since its unveiling at this year’s SIHH.

The timepiece was made in collaboration with–yes, you guessed it–Mike Horn, a South African-born Swiss adventurer. The solo explorer has done it all, from walking the North Pole (during the dark season!) to swimming the Amazon River and trekking the Arctic Circle.

The professional diver’s watch is limited to just 19 pieces worldwide and comes with a personalised case-back that’s engraved with Horn’s signature. Its crown protecting device, bezel and case back are all made of Eco-Titanium, and its light, but strong, bracelet is made of recycled plastic.

Submersible Mike Horn Edition by Panerai (Photo: Courtesy of Panerai)

Patagonia – leading sustainable adventure gear

Patagonia is one of the world’s most successful activewear retailers, selling everything from snow gear to fleece to sleeping bags that appeal to the all-things-adventure crowd. And because those folks typically also very eco-conscious, Patagonia’s corporate philosophy is all about going green. They’ve built repair centres around the world to increase the longevity of their products and lower their carbon footprint. In 2016, they pledged $10 million of their Black Friday sales to grassroots environmental groups dedicated to preserving and improving the planet.

Patagonia’s commitment to changing and improving those processes and moving in the direction of becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly sets them apart from their not-so-green competitors.

Tretorn – raincoats from recycled ocean waste  

This Swedish clothing brand is putting recycled plastic bottles and discarded fishing nets to good use. In 2020 they partnered up with SEA LIFE Trust a registered charity working globally to protect the world’s oceans and the amazing marine life that lives within them.

The partnership between Tretorn X SEA LIFE Trust is based on a shared passion for healthy oceans, that is properly protected and full of diverse life. With the partnership, they hope to inspire people to be part of creating a better world and enjoy time spent outdoors. For every product sold in this partnership, 10 % of the retail price will be donated to SEA LIFE Trust. The partnership is also shortlisted as a finalist for Drapers Footwear Awards 2020 in the category Best Sustainable Initiative of the Year.

View their amazing upcycled products here

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[The Debrief: 6 Eco-Warrior Brands we love]

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