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Tech Tuesday | Suunto 7 The Inbetweener

by Ingrid Hale
Suunto 7

A watch that can transition comfortably between sport and everyday life is something of a never-ending search for many. Fitbit and Apple made an impact in this space but fall short for those looking for a serious sports watch.

The new Suunto 7 is the latest kid on the block and, besides those looking for something more subtle on their wrist, this impressive piece of tech is sure to tick all the boxes.

Suunto 7

Suunto 7

Heat Mapped

Suunto 7

What we noticed first was the scratch-resistant Gorilla® Glass face and the customizable look of the heatmaps – live workout data around you. So if you are a frequent traveller, you can find popular exercise routes from the built-in heat maps.
The sports expertise from Suunto is paired with smartwatch capabilities from googles Wear OS and really delivers a brilliant mashup of capabilities for both specific sports and general feedback on those metrics outside of sports exercise. The watch connects to your phone

and easily to Strava, Edomondo, and Training Peaks apps.


GPS, barometer, and wrist heart rate sensor use the most battery life (up to 12 hours) when in GPS tracking mode, but you can prolong this considerably to up to 48 hours when in smartwatch mode.

Wifi connectivity means you can listen to music and manage smartphone capabilities while on the move and automatic software updates keep you constantly up to date in this fast-changing tech innovation space.

And one last tip we can share from testing, for those with cold weather or heavy conditions of adventure ahead, physical button operation means you can use all the functionality with gloves on – more useful than you might think at low temperatures.


A super versatile sports watch which also measures your daily movement metrics…and looks great all the time, especially by providing you with a choice of a favourite watch face.

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