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Sneak Preview: First Crossing

by Ingrid Hale

First Crossing – After ‘giving up the rat race’ for a sailing adventure, Erin Carey and her family visited 12 countries in 12 months. She explains what sparked the idea, the preparation involved, and the (mainly) highs and lows of their maiden voyage from Grenada in the Caribbean to the Azores.

After watching a documentary about Laura Dekker, the youngest girl to sail around the world single-handed, my husband Dave and I decided to uproot our young family, buy a yacht and go cruising. We saved and studied frantically, sold most of our possessions in Australia, and jetted off to the Caribbean island of Grenada to begin our new lives onboard our 1984 Moody 47, Roam. Living onboard a yacht, with three children under the age of 10 and practically no boating experience proved to be one of the most challenging yet deeply rewarding experiences we’ve ever had.

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First Crossing

Sneak Preview: First Crossing

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