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Sneak Preview | A New Age of Travel

by Ingrid Hale
New Age of Travel

With the planet in crisis, it’s time to make the most of leaving the least behind. Allison Foat dives into the very real reality of why it’s important to consider the environment before you set off on your next adventure. A new age of travel is just beginning and Allison has got the scoop. 

There’s a moral dilemma at the heart of globe-trotting: you want to explore the world but by doing so you risk leaving a carbon footprint in your wake that harms the very thing you love.  As the climate catastrophe bears down on us, experts are weighing in on the stark reality of the tourism industry’s negative contribution to global warming. The pressure is real for individuals and companies to re-evaluate travel habits, to transform, and to find ways to journey more responsibly.

Read the full story in the latest issue of Sail + Leisure available online or at selected Spar and Exclusive Books stores nationwide. 

New Age of Travel

Images supplied by Allison Foat

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