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SailGP Using Data to Find ‘The Edge’

by Ingrid Hale

Team Great Britain’s Data Analyst Emily Nagel shares a behind the scenes look at how the Great Britain SailGP Team is using live data and tracking to find ‘The Edge’ during races.

With totally one-design boats, the SailGP teams are always looking for new ways to go as fast as possible.  Emily Nagel works together with their coach Rob Wilson to evaluate all the teams’ performances using 1200 data points sent to her laptops from the boats on the water. Each team can see their own boat and the other teams boats while they race, to compare and analyse the best strategies.

While the sailors are out on the water Emily is onshore analysing the live data points sent from the teams, searching for any performance differences between the boats with exact precision to help the sailors on her team match and better their competitors. This high tech edge makes the SailGP sailing experience even closer as teams are able to analyse each other and see where they might be able to get an upper hand over one another.

Watch below as Emily and Rob share their experience:

[Tech Tuesday: SailGP Using Data to Find ‘The Edge’ ]

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