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Podcast with the Pro | Dee Caffari

by Ingrid Hale
Dee Caffari Climate

We’ve decided to keep the focus on Earth Day 2020 this week by sharing a great podcast with Dee Caffari as she looks at how sport can be a platform for climate change activism.

Dee Caffari chats to Climate Champions about her sailing career and climate change campaign on Turn the Tide on Plastic in the 2017/2018 Ocean Race. The podcast gives insight into the initiatives put in place during the race. Along with partners 11th Hour Racing, the Mirpuri Foundation and Sky Ocean Rescue, Turn the Tide on Plastic supported the UN Clean Seas initiative, which lobbies policy makers, businesses and individuals to make policy changes that matter. The campaign was a huge success as both a sailing team and a climate change awareness platform as the team brought real scientific findings to the table that would have been near impossible without their circumnavigation of the globe.

Dee is the Chair of World Sailing Trust, she’s the first woman to sail around the world unassisted and she has done 6 x circumnavigations, which has shown her first-hand how plastics are ruining our playground, with micro-plastics found even in the most remote places on earth.

Through the years Dee has emerged as a major climate leader with great initiatives and projects aimed at educating local communities about the climate crisis as well as finding solutions to the overwhelming causes of climate change. She has a very open and forward thinking outlook to the issues facing our natural world, which she shares with us in this podcast.

Listen to the full podcast below or find it on apple music here

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[Podcast with the pro – Dee Caffari ]

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