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Podcast With A Pro | Micro-plastics In The Frozen Ocean

by Ingrid Hale
Alice Forrest

Just back from an expedition to Antarctica, Alice Forrest shares her experience of the frozen ocean. Her new publication Micro Plastics, Massive Problem. shares insight into this complex conversation, offering simple solutions. Alice’s fieldwork has taken her to remote islands throughout the Pacific and Indian oceans to study marine debris on beaches, which is consumed by birds, fish and humans. Alice Forrest is a divemaster, wildlife guide and marine biologist specializing in marine plastic pollution. 

“You go somewhere like this and you […] feel like, I don’t belong here, in the best possible way. […] This is a place for the penguins, this a place for the whales, this is a place for the vast amazing landscapes and I’m just this puny little human who could not survive here on my own. […] And then learning how much of our trash is getting down there, is just shocking”

Learn more about the human impact and how you can help change how our choices impact these far-off destinations from Alice’s Podcast below.

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[Podcast with the Pro: Mitigating Micro Plastics with Alice Forrest ]

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