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Podcast With A Pro | Experiences at Sea with Dee Caffari

by Ingrid Hale
Podcast dee caffari

Join us this week for Podcast with the pro as we tune in to On the Wind from 59º North with Dee Caffari. Six-time around the world sailor and ocean activist, Dee chats to Andy Schell about her experiences at sea as well as leadership, psychology and inspiration. 

The On the Wind Sailing Podcast is a compilation of informal chats with people from the world of sailing – tall ship captains, Cape Horner’s, sailing authors, Ocean Race skippers, yacht designers, family cruisers, Arctic adventurers and more. The aim is to define what creates success in the sailing world and figure out how to accomplish dreams on the high seas.

In this episode, Andy catches up with Dee Caffari, perhaps the most accomplished sailor to ever join him on the show, and she’s easily the most inspiring. Dee has sailed around the world a full six times, three of them solo and non-stop, and most recently as skipper of the Turn the Tide on Plastic Ocean Race campaign. There isn’t much she hasn’t done in racing, whether solo or crewed, as a skipper or in another role, but this podcast goes deeper into insights on elements like leadership, psychology and inspiration.

Listen to the full podcast below on Spotify or click here to listen on Apple Podcasts

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[Podcast with the pro: Dee Caffari 6x Round The World]

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