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New Paddling Pleasures

by Simone Balman
Crystal Kayak

With summer coming many of us are even more tempted than ever to get out on the water. We’ve done a quick round-up of some of the new kayaking and paddling innovations to make you feel even more at one with the ocean:

Crystal Kayak:

Crystal Kayak

Pic from Caters News – (Pictured: on the waters of Bimini in the Bahamas.) – These incredible see through kayaks give paddlers a unique view of the extraordinary marine life beneath them.

The Crystal Explorer features durable yet lightweight polycarbonate construction and is designed for conditions ranging from totally flat to breezy and choppy waters. The hull material is 6mm thick 100% virgin Spanish Imported GE Lexan and has a weight capacity of 190kgs. It has a 40 micron double UV layer which prevents yellowing The totally crystal-clear kayak lets users observe the underwater world below them. Configurable seating allows for 1 or 2 adults. (Simply unclip a seat for 1-person arrangement)

Crystal Kayak Featuring an advanced polymer hull and corrosion-resistant hardware with a removable frame, seats and inflatable chambers which allow for easy stacking and storage, the Crystal Kayak only weighs 21kg which makes it very easy to transport.
At present there are no distributors in South Africa but Crystal Kayak will ship internationally if you contact them in advance.

Pakayak Packable Portable Kayak:

Pakayak Packable Portable Kayak

Pakayak Packable Portable Kayak

If you love kayaking, then you know that transporting one from point A to point B can be a hard task. Not impossible. Just cumbersome. The Pakayak Packable Portable Kayak is the ultimate best portable kayak that you can take on any trip without bothering with mounting it on top of your car.

When packed, the Pakayak can be carried around on your back or thrown into the boot of your car.

Pakayak Packable Portable Kayak Packed

Pakayak Packable Portable Kayak Packed

Pakayak looks like an ordinary kayak but the trick is that it can be broken down into several parts. The parts can be then assembled together as a Russian nesting doll and turn a 4m kayak into a 1m one. Advanced 4-point clasps ensure a watertight seal when assembled.

This is a brand-new concept in kayaking and they are available for pre-order. Production lead times are about 8 weeks and you will have to arrange your own shipping.




Snorkelling is a must-do on any beach holiday, but if you’re like me, you may hate sucking air and water through a tube and seeing through a cloudy, leaky mask. The Reefboard allows you to float on top of the water and see the underwater world through a giant, clear ReefBoard HD VuScreen.

The Reefboard comes in a range of models and can support up to 110kgs, they are made of the same materials as kayaks and are virtually indestructible. With a carrying weight of only 7ks, they are light enough to pack and take along no matter where you’re headed.

Another bonus is that you can now enjoy snorkelling without getting you hair wet. Using your hands and/or feet to manoeuvre the board directly over the best underwater views you can take pictures of sea life through the window with your cell phone or camera which is easily stored in the cargo net. Reefboard also comes with a GoPro® video camera mount for action photos and underwater videos. The “fog” experienced by masks is eliminated by invisible air vents keep the viewing area cool and clear.

Reefboard will ship internationally if contacted directly.

AQUAVUE Voyager:

Aimed more at smaller children who want to join in on the snorkelling fun but aren’t quite ready to stick their heads under the water, is the AQUAVUE Voyager.

Aquaview Voyager

Aquaview Voyager

Unlike other snorkelling rafts, the AQUAVUE Voyager gives the user a large unobstructed view of the underwater world. Rather than a small porthole-like window, the AQUAVUE Voyager features a huge flexible clear bottom that gives the sensation of walking on water. A truly unique experience that kids will love. The Voyager is aimed at children and being inflatable is not as durable as other options. It has an inflated dimension of (LxWxH): 157cm x 100cm x 30cm and a carrying capacity of 85kgs.  On the plus side however, it is quick to inflate and compact to carry along with you when deflated.

The Aquaview Voyager is available from Amazon via WantItAll:

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