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Our Top 5 Youtube Sailing Channels

by Ingrid Hale
Youtube Sailing channels - Sailing La Vagabonde

Youtube sailing channels have become our new TV Series. During lockdown we searched for reminders of how “other people” were living their lives while we were trapped indoors. The sailing blogs became a source of inspiration as they shared dreamy locations and a sense of freedom. They have motivated us to put a plan in  motion to go cruising one day. These are our top 5.

Sailing la Vagabonde (1.54 million subscribers)

Made famous while transporting Greta Thunberg across the North Atlantic, Elayna, Riley and now little Lenny, have captured our hearts from the get go. Elayna and Riley set off sailing with no experience in 2014, visiting many cool and interesting places. They have crossed all the major oceans, sailing more than 74 000 miles to date.

Their honesty and sense of humour has really grabbed us. It’s not all sunsets and sunshine while cruising, there can be some challenging days too, and they don’t hold back when they are having one of those days. Lenny has us reeling with laughter as he reminds us of just how busy a little boy can be while exploring.

What we love: little Lenny, their super fast, cool catamaran – the Outremer, their Ozzie humour, their brutal honesty and Elayna’s cool style.

SV Delos (644000 subscribers)

We started following the SV Delos crew when they came to Cape Town in 2016. They visited our local yacht club and gave us a talk on how they lived this life. We were all enthralled by their lifestyle. Brian, Brady and Karen (Kaza) had sailed around the world for many years, picking up new crew members at ports along the way. The crews would stay for a major crossing or for a few weeks. We got to meet so many different characters from all over the world – each providing a new view on the cruising lifestyle. Flash forward many years of dreamy sailing, with loads of fun, adventures and laughs in between, to a wedding and a baby. Brady and girlfriend Blue have moved on to their own adventures, and now Brian, Kaza and baby Sierra are touring the Northern coast of the US.

What we love: the unique concept of picking up new crew along the way, the crazy adventures and laughter, Brian’s handy tips and electrical work – he installed an entire heating system while in the Bahamas, and little Sierra of course – she is a real cutie pie.

The Wynns  (387000 subscribers)

We first met Jason and Nikki a few months ago while trawling through Youtube looking for another sailing channel to watch. We came across them just as they had been forced into lockdown in Fiji while trying to get back to their boat in Tonga. Their boat had been on the hard and squared away for over a year. They had a big challenge ahead of them to get the boat sailing-ready. We loved watching their practical and no-nonsense approach. They shared with us how they had prepared the boat for time on the hard with very practical tips. And we enjoyed their honesty about what they could have done better. Nikki is hands on and is a whiz with any power tool. She also has amazing ideas for food provisioning and storage in the galley. They are still cruising around Tonga, waiting for the pandemic restrictions to be lifted as well as for the weather to settle down.

What we love: their story-telling, their practical tips from boat maintenance to budgets, Nikki’s sustainable and eco-friendly tips on cleaning, storage and repurposing everything, their electric bikes, their nerdy sense of humour.

The O’Kellys (64000 subscribers)

Meghan and Nick have been cruising for many years now too. They move between their boat home and their land home. This couple is sailing without children so one can gain good insight into how to achieve this lifestyle at their life stage. They first started cruising on a monohull and are now their Leopard 46, Clarity, sharing very practical advice like: how to afford this lifestyle, how to choose between buying a monohull or a catamaran (besides the obvious cost difference) and how to run the boat efficiently from a budget and maintenance point of view.

What we love: their practical nuts and bolts finance advice, perfect for couples sailing without children, self- sufficient living, cooking tips, and Meghan’s proven that you can do yoga on a boat.

Feel the breeze family (9.300 subscribers)

Although new to Youtube, stylish Hollanders Gerben and Rianne, and their little boy Ben have caught our attention. They have just finished refurbishing a Beneteau 57 centre-cockpit in Didum, Turkey. They couldn’t fly to Turkey during lockdown, so they decided to drive their Landrover Defender from Amsterdam to Turkey instead! Overland travel and cruising provides the best of both worlds. They have been working on their boat for many months now, and will soon set sail. Gerben has also been very frank on how they went from bankruptcy to cruising.

What we love: you can cruise with style, refurbing can be better than new, Turkey is a good option for a refurb, anyone can go cruising – no matter what your financial past


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