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Podcast with the Pro: Off Watch with Dee Caffari

by Ingrid Hale
Off Watch with Dee Caffari

World-renowned ocean racer and two-time competitor in The Ocean Race, Dee Caffari chatted to Niall Myant-Best from Off Watch to offer a candid view of what it was like to be a skipper and a leader of a relatively inexperienced crew during the 2017-2018 edition of The Ocean Race on Turn the Tide on Plastic. 

For anyone wanting to understand the stresses and strains of being a sailor – and skipper – in The Ocean Race, this episode is a must-watch!  Dee goes deep into the drive, the insecurities and the psychology of top-class ocean racers, and she and Niall discuss everything from team management to dealing with imposter syndrome and being a female skipper in The Ocean Race.

Caffari is an inspirational speaker, presenter and yachtswoman who, in many aspects of the sailing world, has become a mentor and role model to many young female sailors through The Magenta project – a mentoring programme for women in performance sailing started through Team SCA after their 2014-15 campaign. She has also committed her time and energy to ocean conservation and research by attending conventions and talks around the globe and sharing research and awareness through the channels created by her 2017-18 Ocean Race campaign Turn the Tide on Plastic. In 2018, Dee was invited to Chair the World Sailing Trust. This new global charity will promote the health of oceans and grow participation of the sport to protect its future.

Watch the full episode below to hear more from Dee Caffari and don’t forget to subscribe to The Ocean Race’s YouTube Channel: https://goo.gl/BzBCwU for more.

[Podcast with the Pro: Off Watch with Dee Caffari]

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