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The Debrief: Scents of Self

by Ingrid Hale
Montblanc Wick fragrances

We could all do with some feel-good action right now. And what better way is there to treat yourself than with a luxury fragrance inspired by a stylish French essayist? Helen Clemson gives us the debrief on retaining your ‘Scents of Self’ with luxury smells from Montblanc and Wick fragrances.

Are you feeling bluer than the waters surrounding Meeru Island of the North Atoll in the Maldives (rated as one of the bluest oceans by the way)? Well, you’re certainly not alone right now.

But before you start to feel (more) anxious, simply by making your life more fragrant, you can imbibe your psyche with a greater sense of wellbeing. Here’s the science behind olfactory self-soothing: “studies have found that those who smelled scents that were associated with a positive memory or calming event experienced a slowing of breath and reduced stress, similar to what is seen in meditation,” says Dr Will Cole, a leading functional medical expert based in the US. But how do you do this easily in your every day? With a scent laced with notes that remind you of a feel-good factor, or burn candles in your home office and living space.

Scent on Skin

Citrus scents – lemon, grapefruit and the like – do wonders for boosting your mood. Perhaps it’s because they go straight to the sinus and immediately refresh and uplift. For that “zing”, look no further than clementine in the top note of Montblanc’s new Signature EDP (R1, 499 for 90ml, available at Woolworths). It gives this floral-oriental-musky fragrance a sparkling quality that’s instantly energizing. Wait a while, and you’ll notice that the EDP develops a more soft and sensual personality; musks in the base notes blend with delicate floral peony as well as a gourmand character of vanilla, magnolia and sunny ylang-ylang at its heart. After that initial pick-me-up, you’ll experience a really warm embrace (and isn’t that what we all need right now?) The story behind Signature is also a tender one – and one of hope. The face of the fragrance isn’t a professional model, but rather a French essayist Diane Ducret. Using writing as a means of therapy to overcome a serious horse-riding accident and reconnect with the world, hers is the story of courage and strength of character. “I think smell is such a powerful sense, linked to the faith of the heart, intelligence, skin,” she says. “Ultimately, it connects all the other human perceptions.”

Scent in the Air 

Missing sailing? If you desperately need your dose of happy-making salty sea-air, then recreate those positive scent memories at home. We love Cape Town-based artisanal home fragrance company Wick, and their Large Ceramic Candle in Seamint (R515). It’s a meld of white musk, sea salt and peppermint and is described as “conjuring up memories of a luxury beach house,” while “a hint of peppermint brings you back to life.” Now that sounds just the tonic to us!

This article was written By Helen Clemson for Sail + Leisure

[The Debrief: Montblanc and Wick  ]

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