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Kelly Slater | The Lost Tapes – Eps.1-11

by Ingrid Hale
Kelly Slater

Known as the greatest surfer ever, Kelly Slater continues to blow us away. Follow the path of the 11-time World Champion as he navigates another transformative season of his legendary career with Kelly Slater: The Lost Tapes.

This docuseries gives fans the rare opportunity to witness never-before-seen footage of the best surfer on the planet. From free surfs, to travel, to adventures around the world, these are uncut and unfiltered moments from before, after, and outside competition.

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Episode 1

In the premiere episode of The Lost Tapes, presented by Outerknown, Kelly prepares for the start of the 2019 WSL Championship Tour and the hunt for his twelfth World Title.

Before the demanding season begins, he trains his body and fuels his mindset with the people that make the Gold Coast of Australia feel like home.

Episode 2

In episode 2, presented by Outerknown, Kelly Slater heads to the next event at Bells Beach early to refocus after a disappointing start. In the iconic surf town of Torquay, Australia, he connects with the rich surf scene and inspires the young local surfers. With one of the biggest swells in memory headed towards Bells, he surfs as much as possible and dials in his quiver before the crucial event.

Episode 3

In Bali, Kelly is dealt a blow when he gets tough news regarding his longtime friend and competitor Sunny Garcia. When competition begins, he channels Sunny’s power and focus as he advances through challenging heats and attempts to prove he can still perform at the peak of his powers.

Episode 4

Before the next Championship Tour stop in Margaret River, Australia, Kelly takes some time to explore all the natural attractions that the stunning region has to offer. Then, after getting reacquainted with Western Australia’s powerful surf, he faces heavy competition and even heavier barrels at The Box.

Episode 5

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Kelly experiences the biggest crowds and most passionate fans on tour. As he battles through another superheat in the water, he also fights to stay focused amid the intense environment, pressure, and spotlight.


Episode 6

In Jeffreys Bay, South Africa, Kelly fights to clear his mind and focus on the fun of surfing. That challenge proves tougher than expected after a back injury and a challenging head-to-head matchup in the competition.

Episode 7

Kelly heads to Teahupoo, Tahiti, a place he’s won five events at in his legendary career. Though he reconnects with the amazing people, the idyllic setting, and the perfect but dangerous wave, he has trouble finding success in the contest.

Episode 8

Kelly returns to Miyazaki, Japan for the first time since 1990 to compete with Team USA for a spot in the upcoming Olympics. The uncrowded free surfs and unique international contest environment bring back fond memories of his amateur surfing days.

Episode 9

The next Championship Tour event is in the Lemoore, California at the Surf Ranch, a man-made wave Kelly designed. Competing at his own creation forces him to play host while also chasing a much-needed good result.

Episode 10

When the tour moves on to Europe, Kelly reconnects with one of his oldest and closest friends, Stephen “Belly” Bell, a longtime tour manager who’s retiring after the season. Disappointing results in France and Portugal, combined with his friend’s retirement, force Kelly to consider his own career timeline.


Episode 11

In the finale, Kelly arrives on the North Shore of Oahu earlier than usual and decides to surf the Triple Crown in the lead-up to the final Championship Tour event at Pipeline. With a run of good swell and the eyes of the entire surfing world on Pipe, Kelly ends the season on a high note by scoring a perfect 10, winning his first Triple Crown in 21 years, and finishing the season ranked 8th overall.

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