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Join A National Geographic Expedition

by Ingrid Hale

For more than 130 years, National Geographic has sent their explorers to the most remote areas of the earth to better understand the world and our relationship to it. Their expeditions grew from this legacy as a way to invite others to explore – so we can gain access to people and places and be transformed by the experience. Sail + Leisure applauds their tireless efforts to show the beauty of our planet, reminding us how much we have to lose if we don’t take care of it.

We love the fact that now anyone can experience these remote places. National Geographic, in partnership with PONANT, have a fleet of small luxurious ships that are able to navigate into places that larger ships can’t. Now you can see the world through their eyes as you journey alongside National Geographic experts, photographers and researchers as they visit some of the world’s most remote destinations – from the bright-blue Caribbean to the ice-cold Antarctic.

Besides the incredible exploring you will do, these luxury ships offer amazing amenities and services aboard their 5 deck ships. Fine dining, a spa and exclusive courses given by experts are just some of the things on offer.

Some of our favourite expedition cruises include Beyond the Polar Circle, From Antarctica to Africa,  and Adventure in the Caribbean. The sea expeditions are not the only way to travel with National Geographic. Their offers include tours, active holidays, photography trips and uniquely-curated itineraries if you want to go independently.

For a list of what’s on offer and full details, visit their page here.

The money raised from expeditions is used to fund further explorations, so by travelling you are contributing to the work that goes into other projects as well. Imagine that – traveling for a true cause! We love that!

National Geographic has been a part of some of the most incredible explorations and discoveries in the world, and these expeditions are their way of involving you. If you’ve ever been interested in science, exploration, adventure and the world-famous National Geographic, then these experiences could be perfect bucket-list material.

Images by Eric Kruszewski

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