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Girls Can’t Surf | Podcast With A Pioneer

by Ingrid Hale
Pam Burridge girls can't surf Women's surfing

Women’s surfing hasn’t always been on the forefront as it is now.  One of the early women’s surfing pioneers, Pam Burridge reveals all. And with surfers like Paige Alms making their mark, women’s surfing has now earned the respect it deserves. 

Pam, 1990 World Champ and women’s surfing pioneer chats to Dave Prodan in “The Line-up” series about the upcoming Girls Can’t Surf film. The film follows the trailblazing group of female professional surfers in the 1980s who changed the face of surfing for good.

In this podcast Pam describes the intense struggle in the early days of the Women’s Tour to take on the male-dominated pro- surfing world in order to achieve equality. She dives into her surfing origins – she turned pro at the young age of 15, almost winning a title in her first year on the Championship Tour. She also breaks down winning the World Title in 1990 and what it will take from her to get more Australian titles.

Pam touches on Narrabeen as a stop on the upcoming Australian Leg of the tour, and how adding heavy water waves like Pipeline and Teahupo’o to the women’s tour will change the dynamic.

The film, Girls Can’t Surf will be released first in theaters in Australia on March 11 and in New Zealand from April 8.

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