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The Debrief: Fly-Fishing

by Ingrid Hale
Fly-fishing Tintswalo

Ever wanted to give your hand at fly-fishing? Tintswalo Lapalala now offers fly-fishing activities along the Palala river.

The Lapalala Wilderness Reserve was founded in 1981 by conservation leaders, Dale Parker and Clive Walker, just 3.5 hours’ drive from Johannesburg. The Tintswalo Lapalala Wilderness establishment continues this legacy of nature preservation by remaining environmentally conscious and completely off the grid.

Tintswalo Lapalala forms part of the Tintswalo Lodges portfolio, a luxurious collection of four- and five- star accommodations for those seeking authentic African adventures. The Camp has seven luxury tented suites with private plunge pools, including two 2-bedroom family suites, all with views overlooking the rolling mountains and plains of the malaria-free Waterberg region.


Tintswalo Lapalala offers Bass and Fly-fishing with guides who will take you to areas off the beaten track to discover pools and rapids where teeming yellow fish swim free. With 27km of pristine river frontage throughout the reserve, the Palala River present guests with the unique opportunity to fish the crystalline mountain waters or take a clip in the bubbling rapids.

Cast your line and see what surprises you.

Guests can enjoy a picnic basket with decadent treats and cold drinks to keep the fishermen busy, or take a break and swim in the pristine waters of the Palala waters.

  • Barbs’ — 6 species
  • Yellowfish
  • Canary largemouth
  • Limpopo Rock Catlet
  • Sharptooth catfish
  • Labeo’s
  • Bquog
  • Silver robber
  • Tilapia — 2 species
  • Churchill
  • Southern mouthbrooder

[The Debrief: Fly Fishing at Tintswalo Lapalala]

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