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Podcast With A Pro | Filipe Toledo

by Ingrid Hale
Filipe Toledo

World Title contender Filipe Toledo joins Dave Prodan on The Lineup to talk about breaking onto the world stage, how having a family has changed his motivations, his need for speed, and how the last generation of Brazilian surfers set today’s athletes up for success.

In this episode from November 2019, Dave and Filipe get stuck into the violent pace at which the “Brazilian Swarm” began to dominate the surfing world after four decades of battling for the world title without success. Now, they are on top of the game having claimed three men’s titles in the last five years. “This isn’t some rogue talent, like Medina taking on the world, this is a collective of world leaders.” Says Prodan in the intro.  Two-thirds of the last 21 men’s Championship Tour events have been won by Brazil, and these incredible surfers don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Filipe Toledo, burst onto the world stage from relative anonymity in 2011 and quickly became a culture-shifting icon having qualified at just 17-years-old, and has since been dubbed “the fastest surfer on earth”.

Listen to the full podcast on Spotify below:

[Podcast with the pro: Filipe Toledo The Fastest Surfer on Earth ]

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