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Ewincher | The Powerful Electric Winch Handle

by Ingrid Hale

Do you love sailing your boat, but you don’t want it to feel like hard work? You need a hassle-free and easy experience. Ewincher is a new generation of powerful electric winch handles, which make every manoeuvre easy, fast and precise.

A smart alternative

The electric winch handle has enjoyed great success since its release in 2017. Three years later the French manufacturer Ewincher launched the Ewincher 2, which is faster and more powerful with an increased autonomy. Plus it offers a performance boost of 20%. And now the Ewincher 2 is available in South Africa.

Unique with its three operating modes (electric, manual and combined), Ewincher provides maximum comfort, precision and high speed for all manoeuvres. Thanks to a 450W battery and the patented efficient motor, you always have 230W and 90 Nm torque available on the winch tip. Ewincher is more powerful than a crew member in good physical condition who can, at best, deliver 200W over 30 seconds. Ewincher can easily trim a 160 m² spinnaker. Thanks to a motor speed of 100 rpm in electric mode, or 260 rpm in combined mode, you can hoist a 45-foot cruiser mainsail in just one minute. You can also lift a 110 kg crew member up the mast of a 60-foot boat.

Easy to power up and charge

The removable lithium-ion battery of 25.2 V and 3 000 mAh, can be charged in 1h30 either on the 12V or 110/220 V.     The capacity allows at least 1 day of navigation for all boats up to 45 foot. The variable speed enables perfect control of all the manoeuvres on both speed (1 and 2) of the winch.

Ewincher is equipped with a highly sensitive and adjustable torque limiter avoiding the risk of material damage or user’s injury, you can adjust the torque limit with your smartphone. No installation needed, Ewincher is a “plug and play” solution that can be immediately used on all winches of all boats up to 60 feet.

Lightweight at only 2.2 kg, Ewincher is an easy to use and is a perfect solution for motorising all winches on board efficiently.

The Ewincher pack includes the handle, 1 battery, a 110-220 V charger, a 12 V converter, a handle pocket, a safety hand strap and a carry bag.


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