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Amory Ross | Ocean Race Storyteller

by Ingrid Hale
Amory Ross

Amory Ross is a storyteller of note, and as an onboard reporter is one of the most experienced ocean racing content producers. It takes a unique person, brave enough to capture the dramatic footage to produce incredible stories that will make us want to sail around the world.

Behind the unforgettable stories and iconic images of The Ocean Race race are the onboard reporters (OBR’s). Without people like Amory we would never get an idea of what it’s really like to sail around the world. They capture the extreme conditions, the ups and the downs of racing around the world, the crew dynamics as well as the incredibly beautiful wonders of nature.

Andy from Off Watch has a chat to Amory and gets a deep insight into storytelling in some of the most remote places on earth – from the impact of technology and drones, to maintaining creativity at sea and capturing rare wildlife encounters – they cover it all in this interview.

Amory will crew on 11th Hour Racing Team for The Ocean Race and The Ocean Race Europe.

Read his top Ocean Race moments. 

Read local media man Jeff Ayliff’s take while covering the Cape Town stropover of the Volvo Ocean Race. 



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