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2021 Sailing Recap | 2022 Starts With Action

by Ingrid Hale
Rolex Fastnet Scorpios and Rambler 88

While we may have said goodbye to 2021 with some awesome sailing events being contended right up to the last minute, 2022 has started with full blown racing action too. World on Water recaps 2021’s sailing greats, and takes a look at the start of the RORC Transatlantic Race.

This recap reminds of of just how much incredible racing took place during a very challenging year. Boat owners, event organisors and competitors were keen to put 2020 behind them, and focus on getting back on the water. And thank goodness they did!

What is World on Water?

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This is the twelfth year they’ve produced a weekly highlight show of the best sailing videos from all over the world. WoW films, distributes, and works with sailing content producers globally, and has hundreds of hours of top quality sailing content on their YouTube Channel, which has 27,500 Subscribers. They are viewer funded, you can support them via Pay Pal, Patreon, and their website.



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